1993 Obtained my engineering degree from AgroParisTech, the most prestigious graduate Institute in France for Environmental Sciences.

1993 Joined Prof. Andre Fleury as a Research Engineer when he founded, in the Le potager du Roi in Versailles France, the pioneer research group on urban agriculture, to study and promote the role of farm land as an economical and ecological urban landscape.

1994 Enrolled in a Ph.D. program on urban agriculture with Prof. Fleury.

1995 Carried on the Ph.D. program in Montreal, Canada and fell in love with the North American lifestyle.

1996-1997 Worked as a research consultant for communication agency www.Avive.fr, on environmental and work site safety projects.

1998-2001 Moved to Canada and joined Cato Research, International Contract Research Organization helping pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies bring new drugs, biologics, and medical devices to the public. There I learnt, through clinical trial design, how placebos seem to have an effect in about 1 out of 3 patients (Source: American Cancer Society). In charge of the relocation of our Montreal offices, I happened to work with an interior designer to design the new floor plan. How spaces (rooms, offices) affect our well-being was really starting to intrigue me.

2002 Graduated with honor from IADT (International Academy of Design and Technology).

2003 Founded CHIC Redesign. CHIC stands for Common Sense, Health, Insight and Creativity.